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A Low Stress Way to Purchase Jewelry for the Holidays

As technology grows, and culturally we are urged to continuously move forward, occasionally adopting a practice from the past may be provide practicality we still need and have forgotten. 


One thing that happened as a result of the downturn in the economy was that people were unable to rely on credit as they had become accustomed to.  This was actually a healthy reality in that, for some, credit became a monetary vortex from which it was difficult to recover.


In the good old days, which I regret to admit I remember, there was a practice called “layaway”.  It originated prior to credit cards.


People would begin thinking about Christmas and gifts in the fall.  They would select a gift at their local jewelry store, and pay an amount of their choosing and frequency with the goal of retrieving the article just before Christmas.


It was built into budgets, consciously planned, and excitedly anticipated.  And it avoided the dreaded January credit card statement, which could make the memory of the holiday sour.


The benefit to the jeweler is that they knew what is being sold, had the payments steadily in hand, and didn’t recognize the sale until completion of the transaction. In the event the client chose to abandon the layaway, the jewelry the deposit might have been forfeited. 


Maybe this retro practice would provide a controlled, less stressful, and more enjoyable approach to the upcoming holiday season. 

Your jewelry needs your attention

Most people know, but I’m just saying anyway, your jewelry requires maintenance.

It is really important.

Maintenance is your responsibility as a jewelry owner, not the responsibility of your insurance company.

Truth be told, on more than one occasion I have put something in my sonic cleaner for a client only to find out their diamond was shaken loose by the vibration, and now living in the bottom of my cleaner.

I try not to think about what might have been holding it in…

But if that had happened somewhere other than my cleaner, the diamond would be gone.

Prongs wear down over time, channels become thin.   Settings are not permanent and, may periodically, require rebuilding or resetting.

Most jewelry stores will clean and examine your jewelry, for free. They are thrilled to have you looking at their inventory while they are checking it, hoping you will find something you can’t live without.

And, if you do have a security issue, perhaps you will allow them to repair it for you.

So take advantage once a year to let your jeweler examine it for you, under magnification.  But you also need to keep an eye on your setting.  You may be able to see if a prong has moved, is missing, or looks thin. If so, get it in right away to your jeweler to get it checked.

I am embarrassed to admit that even I, one time, could actually hear my diamond rocking in the setting…and I was sitting in a movie at the time!