How gemological laboratory certificates differ from appraisals

by Admin 15. August 2014 15:08

What is a laboratory certificate and how is it different from an appraisal?

A laboratory certificate is a report generated by an independent laboratory indicating the characteristics of a significant diamond or color gemstone. The goal is to produce an unbiased opinion, from multiple qualified Graduate Gemologists.

A Graduate Gemologist receives a diploma following a comprehensive education of gems and gemology including identification and grading.

The criteria may vary slightly based on the laboratory’s internal policies. Check with a jewelry professional to determine which laboratory is best for you. Some laboratories issue reports on color gemstones alone, while others issue reports on both diamonds as well as color gemstones.

Unlike appraisals, laboratories do not assign values. An appraisal will reference the laboratory certificate for identification and grading, but also assigns a value for insurance or other stated purposes.

One of the benefits of having a laboratory certificate is that grading is based on human observation which may be affected by internal and external elements.  For example, someone may not grade as well if they are overly tired or have consumed too much caffeine. A stringent laboratory reduces the room for error through controlled environments, instrumentation, and multiple observers.

As consumer it provides additional security that you are receiving what you have asked for.


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