How to value life diamonds

by Admin 15. June 2014 10:06

A client came to me for an appraisal. She had a ring and a pendant, each containing a life diamond.

A life diamond is a gem which is created utilizing ashes from cremation or hair before burial. 

The client’s husband had passed away, and she had a ring made for herself, and a pendant made for her daughter.

Since diamonds are made from carbon, the process consists of extracting the carbon from the ashes or hair and processing it using a diamond press with high temperature and high pressure technology. 

The gems may be created from about ¼ carat to 1 ½ carats and may be colorless, blue, red, green or yellow.

The girdle (the outside diameter of the gem) may be laser inscribed.

Some people choose to have life diamonds made from their pets.

But, how does one go about appraising this kind of article?  And, what happens in the event of a loss?


Stay tuned for part two…


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