Jewelry, It's the Sentiment

by Admin 15. October 2013 17:04

Jewelry is one of few material items to which we attach sentiment.

It may commemorate an occasion or an adventure. 

It’s not just sentimental it’s incredibly personal, tactile, and enduring.

It is one of few articles that we leave to our loved ones when we pass.  Even if they refurbish it for their own style, part of it continues forward. 

That is why when there is a loss of jewelry it is particularly difficult and emotionally loaded. 

Even if a jeweler can replicate your ring, if you lost the one that was blessed when you married, it still doesn’t feel the same.

If you lost something handed down from your grandparent, you cannot replicate that provenance and memory of it on that person.

Even though we know that factually, you may feel cheated if the insurance company gives you actual cash value in the event of a loss especially when it is below the appraised value.  Even though you know the policy contracts to make you whole by replacing the article.

The problem is you may never feel whole. And you may even blame yourself for the loss if it was a mysterious disappearance.  Or it may remind you of being victimized in a burglary.

Given the loading, I’m glad I’m not the insurance adjustor, but rather the person trying to help you put it back together.

So I hope you never have the experience, but if you do, take a deep breath.  As important as it is, accidents can happen, life isn’t always fair, but it is still an object.  It can be replaced.  You may know in your heart it is not the original, but hold onto what it represents.

That was the purpose of it all to begin with. 


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