Unethical Insurance Agent

by Admin 5. December 2014 09:12

So, Mr. Agent, you attempted to coerce me into participating in unethical behavior?

An associate in an insurance office called yesterday saying I had done a couple of appraisals for a client, who now needs updates.  They also had other articles, which I had not seen, that had not been appraised or updated in years.  She asked if I needed to see the articles, and if I could update from the appraisals I had not written.

I said I would need to examine the articles because an appraisal is a legal document, and I am attesting to the existence and condition of the article.  This is important because it protects the jewelry owner as well and the insurance company.

Here is why:

What if, upon examination, I found the diamond had become chipped or fractured since the last appraisal?  The owner may choose to submit a claim to have the diamond replaced. 

What if, upon examination, the setting is no longer secure?  The diamond could drop out of the mounting and the insurance company would have to pay to have it replaced, whereas catching it allows the owner to get the setting repaired and avoid an unfortunate and emotional loss.

I also said I would need to do new appraisals on the articles I had not seen because I need to determine my opinion, and not assume that I agree with someone else.

She said she understood…but apparently her boss, an agent, did not.

He called me back.

He stated he had been using a jeweler (who shall go nameless here) to refer for appraisals, but would prefer to use me.  A shameless, obvious, and insulting attempt at manipulation.

He stated the clients are unavailable as they are in Europe, he had seen the articles himself, and he wanted me to update the appraisals without seeing them.

When I refused, he said he would go to the jeweler he mentioned who understood and would accommodate him.

So, because he failed to notify his insured in advance of their trip that they would need updates for their renewal, and because he was more concerned about collecting his commission than protecting his clients (although I’m sure he sold it to them as he is the hero saving them time) as well as protecting the company he works for….

It makes me wonder how he defines personal and business ethics.



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